Interested in finding out what is the biggest art shop in London? Well, Great Britain boasts some legendary artists and painters such as George Beck and Henry Bright. London is its cultivating capital as well as its most populous city by some distance.

So it should come as no surprise that this city is home to several fantastic art shops such as

  • Atlantis Art materials
  • Intaglio Printmaker
  • Jackson’s Art Supplies
  • Cass Art

All four of these art shops are magnificent. However, the biggest of them all is L. Cornelissen and son.


The History

Cornelissen and son art shop was opened way back in 1855 and has constantly been in business ever since, adapting to changing times. As a result, it has several generations of art tools, spanning a wide range of painting technologies. This makes it ideal not only for the artist or painter who is in search of different types of painting materials but also for the arts historian who wishes to have a feel for the evolution of arts materials till date, for more than just the past century.


The Location

Cornelissen and son art shop is ideally located not far from the British museum in central London. You can find them at the address : 105 Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3RY. Tottenham Court Road which serves both the Central and

Northern lines, is the underground Station you should go to if you intend to visit this art shop by train, because it is the closest to the shop. From Cornelissen art shop, you would need to walk for barely 5 minutes to get to the station going north on Tottenham Court Road. If you leave Oxford Street taking the first turn to the right, just at Great Russell Street, is the right thing to do. Then, you will need

to move only 200m down the street to get to Cornelissen art shop on the left hand side at number 105. Note that the outer walls of their building are painted green.



There are 3 possible parking arrangements for you, if you intend to get to Cornelissen art shop by car. You can either use the spacious park on Adeline Place whose entrance is 70 metres away from their front door or you can go Farther down Great Russell Street, get past Britain’s top Museum at Bloomsbury Square and find another NCP there. Finally, there is a car parking space at either end of the taxi area just out of the shop.


What they sell/Articles

At Cornelissen and son art shop, you can buy all colours and types of pigments, gums and resins. You can also get oil balm, oil colour sets, solvents and balsams, artists arylics, students’ acrylics, several different types of canvas and supports, watercolour, water colour mediums, watercolour sets, water colour mediums, gouache, accessories and egg tampera. There is a wide range of pencils and pens for drawing and calligraphy, an incredible range of materials for gliding and restoration, different kinds of crayons . sticks and inks fro printmaking ; all types of brushes for painting ; studio materials, materials for specialist decoranting and leather accessories.