If you’re interested in outdoor wear, then the likelihood is that you’ve heard of both the North Face and Patagonia. They’re two of the most popular brands on the market when it comes to mountainwear, so it’s no surprise that people look to compare the two. But are North Face products better than Patagonia, or are their products relatively similar for the most part?

The North Face and Patagonia are very similar in terms of quality – this is agreed on by the majority of people. So, it then comes down to personal preference of each individual to decide which of these products is more suited to their needs. They’re two of the best winter jacket brands that you’ll find to keep you warm.

Although they are similar, the likelihood is that you will prefer one of these brands over the other. This doesn’t mean to say that one of them is drastically better in quality as they are similar, but from a fashion sense, they both represent very different styles. Let’s have a look at the history of each brand, and then look at the best of each brands.

Brand History

The reality is that although the North Face are currently one of the most popular brands around, it hasn’t always been that way. In 2000 they were purchased as a relatively unpopular company by the VF corporation. In the years since then, the North Face has gone from strength to strength and they’re pioneers in the popularisation of outdoor clothing as a fashion symbol.

One reason that you might want to consider going for Patagonia as a brand is that they state they donate 10% of their profits to charity – they classify themselves as an activist company. This is particularly impressive, especially when you consider the size of the company. They also have a scheme where you can return old Patagonia products in exchange for credit, so that you can purchase new stuff – pretty innovative.

After looking at the brands history, let’s have a look at the different products of each company to see which is best for your needs.

The North Face

The North Face have a wide variety of different products, but they’re probably best known for their backpacks.

North Face Backpacks

There are a lot of different types of North Face backpack available, but one of my favorites is the North Face Recon. I like it because of it’s versatility – it’s as good for hiking as it is for college.

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If you don’t like the typical black that the North Face Recon is available in, not to worry – it’s available in a ton of different colors for you to pick from. This means that no matter what color it is that you really want, you’re going to find a color that suits you.

The Recon specifcally has pretty much everything that you could ask of it. Need a laptop sleeve? The Recon has it. Need something that carries water bottle? Yep, it has that too. It seems like they thought of everything when they were designing the Recon, so you can use it for pretty much any occasions.

Other North Face Products to Consider

  • North Face Beanies – If you’re looking for a good quality beanie that isn’t extortionate in price, then you should be considering the ones made by the North Face. They’re pretty good value, and guaranteed to keep your head warm.
  • Other backpacks – It isn’t only the Recon that the North Face make – they also make the Borealis and the Wise Guy, two other great backpacks.
  • Clothing and windbreakers – You can’t walk through the streets of London without seeing a youngster wearing a North Face windbreaker. But they aren’t just fashion, they’re also super practical too.


Patagonia also make a variety of different products for you to choose from too. Their most popular product is probably their pullovers.

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Although they are particularly expensive, with Patagonia you’re paying for some high quality materials that are being used as fabrics. You can be sure that if you go with Patagonia, it’s definitely going to last you a while. This one is awesome if you want something thick that will keep you warm throughout the winter.


Overall, both North Face and Patagonia are going to be safe options if you’re looking for a good piece of outdoors clothing. Whilst North Face are generally considered as to moving on and targeting a more fashion conscious generation, Patagonia have stayed true to their roots and produce some awesome outdoors gear that’s stylish too. Other outdoors brands like Columbia also have tended to stay true to their origin, too.

Of course, it’s important to consider that Patagonia actually donate some of their profits to charity. So if this is something that’s important to you, then considering them as your brand of choice is likely to be a good decision. But whichever brand you decide, you’re going to get a decent quality product.

If you’re looking for something more fashion conscious, then you can always look at other brands like Jansport (owned by the same company as TNF) or even Herschel Co. They all produce some pretty good quality products that aren’t too expensive.